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Place: Kovilur (Tamil Nadu, India)

Function: Home for exploited children

Square feet: 6565


Beneficiary: Terre des Hommes Core

Cost: €

Year: 2017-

Progress: design project 

Considering the irregular shape of the plot and its small area, it has been decided to organize everything in a two-storey building: this will allow to reduce by the 40% the building footprint and to save more green area, aside from reducing foundations costs. The design is based upon the idea of two boxes, one containing the other: the outer one will protect the inner one –that’s the actual home- from heath and rain (as well as from intrusions), although permitting the natural cross ventilation, due to its particular pierced skin. This one, which refers to the traditional jaali windows, could be easily realized with standard production hollow bricks as well as custom-made ones and will be broken by few bigger openings, thus creating a varied shade in the space in the middle: this is not a residual space but an essential part of the whole architecture, changing width and height all around the inner volume, and crossed at the upper level by the dormitories balconies. A varied space for living and playing. The inner volume walls, whose windows and loggias will look down in the perimetral space and outside, will be finished with plaster, and characterized by a play of coloured rectangular fields: besides getting a more cheerful space, this will make the inner volume more distinguishable from outside.


Un piccolo progetto: una casa per i bambini dell'area tribale delle Jawadhu Hills.

Una scatola interna (la casa) è protetta e raffrescata da un secondo involucro, leggero e traforato. Lo spazio intermedio, reso vario dal movimento della parete esterna, dall'aggetto dei balconi e degli affacci, dal gioco delle ombre sulla parete interna, diventa ulteriore luogo per la vita e il gioco.
Tutto deve costare molto poco: la ricchezza (se c'è) deve stare nella varietà dello spazio, della luce, delle ombre, dei colori.


boxes skin

ground floor

first floor

terrace floor


shade: thermal well-being

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